The aim of the project is at first to identify possible threat scenarios which could directly affect bridges and tunnels and their users. This will be done by considering all kinds of natural and man-made threats (“all-hazard approach“). The effects of the different threat scenarios on the structures and their users are determined and possible protection measures are investigated concerning their effectiveness and efficiency by using risk- and scenario analysis as well as cost-benefit-analysis. The results are effective protection measures which increase the security of road users and ensure a high availability of road infrastructures.



The research results will be worked out in recommendations for the implementation of measures for the different target groups: owner, operator and user of road infrastructures as well as rescue services. Finally, some of the determined effective protection measures will be demonstrated at selected bridges and tunnels. The interdisciplinary composition of the consortium (partners) ensures a holistic treatment of the research theme.

The adaption includes the work packages (WP) as shown below: